ODC's Walking Distance Dance Festival

nine + ten
tinypistol presents the premiere of PoemAnthemSong, the positioning of three distinct works (poem : oneanthem : two, song : three) as newly one, kindred in their mutual reliance on language as catalyst and infrastructure.

festival pass / both weekends $50
weekend one / june two + three (The Foundry & FACT/SF) $30
weekend two / june nine + ten (tinypistol & Fauxnique) $30


ChoreoFest / Yerba Buena Gardens Festival

nine + ten + eleven
part of the annual Yerba Buena Gardens Festival and curated by RAWdance, the inaugural ChoreoFest features nine local companies in a three-day mini festival of site specific work. 
tinypistol performs at the YBCA Forum east wall on day three / june eleven. 

photo:andrew weeks

photo:andrew weeks